May 12, 2015

We want to welcome you to the new Agency Metrics! We are crazy excited to bring you this new venture of ours. For quite awhile now, we have been working tirelessly to bring you a better Agency Metrics – you will now benefit from a cleaner, more user-friendly platform, a fully customizable dashboard and inbound marketing reporting tools that are clean, simple and easy to share.

After a good run, we realized the original version of Agency Metrics was lacking a few things – namely, YOU. Your needs, your reports, your life. Even though that sounds cheesy, we realized you were probably suffering – I mean, originally, you could only pull one traffic report that included search, referrals, and direct reports. Who does that? Is this 2010?

Enter the future. Not only is the new Agency Metrics shinier, prettier, faster and cleaner, but you’re now able to pull individual reports for overall campaign performance, organic traffic, paid traffic, social traffic, referral traffic, and our daily and historical keyword tracking software is better than ever! Take a look below:

Campaign Performance:

On your completely customizable campaign performance dashboard, you will be able to clearly and distinctly view traffic sources (organic, referral, social media, paid ads and direct/other), conversions, monthly conversion goals, conversion rates and costs per conversion. That way, you will be able to see how your campaign is performing not just currently, but over time.

Website Traffic:

On the website traffic tab, you will be able to view an overview of the traffic coming to your site and from where. These categories are broken down into Search traffic, Social traffic, Paid traffic, Referral traffic and Direct – each of which are also provided in further detail within their own tabs. If you view traffic coming from Search, for example, you will find a graphic depicting Unique Visits, Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time Onsite and Pages Per Visit. You will also see Top Visited Landing Pages and Top Converting Landing Pages.



Tired of Not Provided Data? We’ve Got Ya Covered

Track Google & Bing Rankings Daily
Available in 34 different countries!

Track Keyword Movement Over Time!
Easily export all of your progress to a branded PDF report or a raw CSV file!

This is just a sneak peak of our new platform! Sign up for a free 30 day trial and try all of our features out for yourself!

With the new Agency Metrics, things act better. Things are more presentable. Things just look better – and you better believe it. We took the best of the original Agency Metrics, ground it to its original essence, tossed in a few additions, blended, shook, and poured (literally, this shit’s been coded from the ground up) – and here are we are today.

We couldn’t be prouder of Agency Metrics 2.0, but as with any cool new tool, things may not be perfect. We’ve tried and tested, but again, it’s all about YOU – so your feedback is what we need next! To continue to perfect Agency Metrics, your comments, considerations and compliments are what we need to continue to move forward successfully and provide the best we can. Email us, call us, comment below – we’d love to hear how Agency Metrics is working for you.

For real, we think the new Agency Metrics is the shit, but what matters is that YOU do. Stay in touch by keeping up with us via email or signing up for our no-credit-card-required 30 day trial.

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  • Joe R.

    Congrats on the upgrade! Will definitely check it out again.

    • Casey Kluver

      Sounds good Joe! Email me at if you have any questions when you’re setting up your account. I’d love to get your feedback on the new dashboard and reports.