November 13, 2013


So we’re a few days into our soft launch, and things have been going great! I want to start off by thanking all of our beta testers and subscribers that have supported us so far. We’ve received some really great feedback so far, as well as some questions as to what’s next? We’re working on an official product timeline page so you can keep up with our regular changes, but in the meantime here are some of the features we’re planning on rolling out within the next few weeks.

Custom Date Ranges

One of the great things about Agency Metrics is the ability to quickly change report views between different date ranges. We launched with only three pre-set date ranges for the past 30 days, last month, and past 7 days. While that does take care of 85% of reporting needs, admittedly it lacks flexibility, which is one of the main reasons we set out to make Agency Metrics. Expect this new feature to be rolled out in the coming days.

More Social Integration

Many of you spend just as much time managing and reporting social metrics, in the coming months we are planning on integrating more social data into Agency Metrics. Right now we track social traffic and conversions, but plan on recording and tracking metrics such as follower growth, engagement growth, hot topics of conversation, influencers in your niche, and people you influence.

A Variety of Dashboard Templates

Our goal is to become the leader in digital marketing reports, and we know we can’t get there without templates that integrate seamlessly with your brand. Our current dashboard is simple and clean with the ability to be semi-customized with your logo and matching brand colors. Our end goal is to provide enough customization options that makes it feel like your dashboard was designed exclusively for you. This should be a fun one! Keep an eye out for periodical template releases over the coming months.

More In-depth Report Building Wizard

Just like with our dashboard, we want the actual PDF and email reports that you deliver to your clients to be seamlessly integrated with your brand. We’re working on a pretty slick report building wizard that will allow you to easily shuffle features around and change the smallest of details, right down to font selection. We’re hard at work trying to get this ready before the holidays.

SERP Indicators

We’re confident that we’ve built one of the more accurate and useful rank tracking tools in the market today, we fetch accurate and fresh rankings daily that you can segment with branded, focus, or longtail tags. Wanting to take keyword segmentations even further, we are working on integrating SERP indicators that let you know what type of search result your keyword is ranking in. You’ll be able to easily view keywords that are showing up in local packs, shopping packs, keywords with video snippets, etc.

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