December 18, 2013

It’s been an exciting first month here at Agency Metrics, after a successful launch, we’ve taken your feedback and have been working hard behind the scenes on a bunch of new features. In the past couple of weeks we have rolled out custom date ranges, an improved interface design, and today we have integrated an exciting new feature.

Suggested Keyword Integration

Suggested SEO Keywords
Our new keyword suggestion feature pulls keyword data directly from Google Webmaster Tools, including keyword variations that may already be sending your website traffic. The tool makes it easy to discover additional focus and longtail keywords relevant to your campaign. We pull and refresh this data daily, once you have added or deleted a keyword from your suggestion queue we won’t show it to you again. When you add a keyword from this list we will start tracking right away, with rankings being refreshed in just a couple of minutes.

As long as your Webmaster Tools account is synced with your Analytics account, there is nothing you have to set up and we will automatically integrate this feature into your campaigns. For users with existing campaigns, you may have to re-authorize Google Analytics to see this data.

Future Updates

We’re already working on version two of the keyword suggestion feature that displays the monthly search volume next to each suggested keyword, stay tuned for that announcement in the coming weeks!

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