June 23, 2015

SEO Proof Your Content

Increasing the performance of your content doesn’t need to be a battle against relevancy, but rather staying in-tune with updates and algorithm changes. Exploring and testing the latest techniques and trends should be exciting for any SEO or content marketer.

In 2015, focusing on human-oriented SEO content is back in style—and for good reason. Audiences want value. Here are a few ways to quickly spot check your SEO content, streamlining it for efficiency and security:

Humans First, Creation Second

A lot of SEO professionals focus on value content, but decision makers need to realize Google’s way of doing things. The search provider looks for high quality content first, and you want your site to be first in line.

In the past, search engines gained traction from helping people locate information. They matched queries with related content, and businesses soon monetized the technology. Search engine result pages have paved the modern internet, and search marketers grew to accommodate for a variety of tactics. However, monetization spawned avenues of resource piling—intended to “get higher rankings”, rather than boost the browsing experience for users.

When SEO-proofing your content, be sure to follow Google’s best practices. Modern Internet changes are human-centric. The world is fast moving away from run-and-gun, SEO exploits, and websites will need to cater to individual users to remain relevant and effective.

Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda may have changed the past—but Google’s future might repeat similar installations.

Quality over Quantity

Get a grip on Google’s way of evaluating websites, too. Stuffing your code with meta keywords, again, is an outdated method. Having hundreds of meta keywords won’t give your website an edge anymore. To create an effective SEO baseboard, you’ll need to make all your website’s keywords present in title tags, headings, content, image file names, and alt text without overstuffing anything. It’s quality over quantity here.

Your content will be utilized to provide consumer value, right? Modern online marketing understands the evolving consumer. It understands the need for dynamic connectivity and depth of quality.

Opt for the HTTPS

Obviously, ensuring an HTTPS setup is vital! Many consumers understand the dangers associated with Internet browsing, and they’re more likely to choose a well-protected provider. Secure websites are accessible websites. They’re consistent websites. HTTPS-secure sites offer encryptions capable of fending off hackers while boosting visitor trust. Sure, a security ticket isn’t SEO content, but it’ll enhance your site’s overall optimization and performance.

Implement Visuals and Optimize Speed

Rich content can be locked down with great visuals. For many businesses, boosting website traffic involves providing social and email channels with enhanced content. High quality content leads to conversions, and high quality, here, is generated through invested, interesting visual content. Social networks can benefit from more than just followers and shares.

An additional principle you should never forget? Your website’s load time ensures SEO efficiency. Once you’ve SEO-proofed your content, maximize each page’s load times. Resize images, incorporate caches and use a CDN Service such as CloudFlare. Taking the right steps increases website processing speed, reducing load times and creating easier search engine access. Reducing load times can increase rankings.

Check Your Meta Tag Usage

Making sure information loads quickly is important, but total customer visibility requires a little more effort. Many customers use mobile devices to access websites, and your pages should be optimized for SEO efficiency across all platforms. Be sure to follow our guide on the how’s and why’s of making mobile optimization a priority.

Quick-loading, secure mobile adaptations will greatly enhance your SEO outreach while making bulletproof SEO-filled content. However, you’ll need to optimize your title tags. You’ll need to streamline your descriptions. is a great asset here, as its structured markup assists major search engines with information gathering and visibility. Your websites can achieve richer results, and your web page information can be info-packed to impact tiny screens, too.

Ensure External Link Quality

You can have thousands of links across your site. However, if they’re not reputable, or if they’re low-ranked, your efforts will be useless. Google seeks high quality links to maintain website relevancy. Give your pages frequent once-overs to determine link relevancy, popularity and ranking.

Additionally, check other sites linking to yours. Are you considered credible? Do they have high page ranks? Are authoritative, high-traffic sites plugging into your material? The road goes both ways, and Google’s insight is valuable for optimization. Your site’s quality is often determined by other site’s opinions, and earning Google’s rewards requires natural, well-deserved links.

While SEO-proofing your site may seem daunting, it’ll pay off. Constant upkeep creates quality, and quality freaking reigns. By upholding modern marketing values, you’ll become increasingly relevant, and you’ll have fortified, continuous success. Connectivity, security and consumer care are all internet marketing cornerstones, and an ironclad SEO strategy, more than ever, creates results.

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