November 11, 2013


Today, after more than a year of dreaming and months of planning and development, we are proud to announce Agency Metrics!

Agency Metrics was created out of a need to scratch our own itch. We wanted a tool that could provide better SEO and Inbound Marketing reports that provide real insights into a campaigns success. Rank tracking software and Google Analytics alone weren’t cutting it, we still had to spend countless hours each month just to provide our clients a report that proved we were doing our job.

Wether you work in an agency, in-house or as a freelance consultant you ultimately have to answer one question to someone higher up than you: “How much money did you make us?” Most likely you dodged that answer and replied with something like “Well, we did get you ranked in the top 3 for these ten focus keywords….” While that might have been an acceptable answer 3-4 years ago, today that answer means nothing.

That’s where Agency Metrics comes in. No more running custom reports or complex analytics dashboards that takes hours per client every month. We designed Agency Metrics to save you time and energy pulling custom inbound marketing reports on real metrics that matter. We believe your time is better spent doing actual work than wasting it on reporting.

Agency Metrics is Easy and Accessible

With Agency Metrics, you don’t need an IT or analytics department to get started. There’s nothing to download or install. Simply sign up for your 14-day free trial and you’re on your way to painless reporting.

Agency Metrics Does The Reporting For You

Not an analytics junkie? No problem. Just connect your Google Analytics account with goal tracking installed, add in your focus and branded keywords and we’ll do the number crunching for you. Instantly see the total return on investment, cost per lead, and analyze which keywords and inbound traffic sources are making you the most money. Oh, and our reports look awesome.

Easily Customize and Share Your Reports

We make it easy to send and share reports with anyone. You can give clients or your boss access directly to an interactive report through our web app or send them a PDF report via email. And did we mention our reports look awesome? We make it simple to customize the look and feel of your report. Simply upload your logo and edit your colors and you’ll have a report that is sure to impress!

Our team is very proud of what we’ve built at Agency Metrics, but this is just the start of our adventure. And since we’re only as strong as the community around us, please reach out to us anytime through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Email with your ideas, suggestions and feedback.

We look forward to continually improving Agency Metrics in our ongoing effort to help you provide better reports and are excited to share our adventure with you!

Thank you,

Casey Kluver
Co-Founder of Agency Metrics

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