January 22, 2014

Import Historical Keyword Rankings

At Agency Metrics, we are committed to making ease of use a core feature of our product. Since our launch over two months ago, we have received a number of requests from customers looking for an easy way to import data from their previous reporting tool into Agency Metrics. So we’ve created a simple tool that allows you to upload and import your historical ranking data for both Google and Bing. When you upload your file we will automatically add any new keywords to your campaign, if you have already added keywords but just want to fill out your historical report you can do that to without overwriting or duplicating any existing keyword data.

Step 1: Upload Ranking File

Start by downloading our .xls template and follow the included instructions. Enter your keywords in the left column, followed by the historical rankings in the columns to the right. You can import as many keywords as you like as long as the number falls in your plans keyword allocation. We currently allow you to import rankings up to the past 12 months.

Be sure to double check your data before you finish, you will only be allowed to import historical rankings once per keyword per search engine, we limit this so you can’t manipulate rankings on your future reports. Once you have finished editing, click the choose file button and select your finalized spreadsheet.

Step 2: Select a Search Engine

Next, select the search engine that you’re uploading rankings for and click upload. All done! Pretty easy huh?

Step 3: View Results

After you have uploaded your historical data, head on over to the Historical Rankings page to view your new report! You’ll be able to track and easily visualize the performance of your keywords over a monthly basis.

Historical Keyword Ranking Report

Future Updates

We’re currently working on expanding this feature to allow you to import direct export files from other services to make it even easier to make the switch to Agency Metrics. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll update this post and let you know when we finish the upgrade.

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