100% Whitelabel reporting dashboard

Branded SEO Reports

Complete control over logos and color schemes

Nothing will impress your clients more than custom branded marketing reports. Gone are the days of scraping together multiple reports from different 3rd party services that have zero brand cohesion.

  • Upload your brand's logo
  • Change heading and body font colors
  • Give clients private access to your branded dashboard

When you change the branding of your dashboard, it carries over throughout all of your PDF and email reports, giving you and your clients a cohesive look on all of your reports.

Unlimited reports on all plans

Unlimited SEO Reports

Limiting you on reports just seems silly to us

While other services limit you on the number of projects or reports you can set up regardless of data usage, you can create as many reports as you need on whatever plan you choose.

Why do we do this?

We understand you may need to set up sample reports to help pitch new business prospects, or you may have seasonal client fluctuations. No matter what the size of your agency or business is, we can scale to fit your needs.

Mobile accesible reports

Mobile SEO Reports

All of your marketing data at your fingertips

Finally a service that doesn't limit features on a mobile device.

Our dashboard works just as well on your phone and tablet as it does on desktop, without sacrificing any functionality.

No need to download an app. Just log in on your mobile device just like you would on desktop, and our responsive web app will do the rest.

International tracking & support

International Rank Tracking

Track rankings in over 34 different countries and 15 languages

We've made it easy to track all of your website's rankings, no matter where in the world you are.

Do you have one client in the UK, one in Germany, and the rest in the US? No problem. You can easily set which country you want to track rankings for on individual reports.

View all countries & languages

Instant PDF reports or scheduled email reports

Email & PDF Reports

Export reports as emails, PDFs or CSVs, instantly

We're way more than just a powerful marketing dashboard. Our branded reports come in a number of formats, and they're sure to knock your clients' socks off.

  • Branded PDF Reports
  • Branded Email Reports
  • Raw CSV Reports

You can schedule automated email reports, or download unlimited PDF or CSV reports anytime.

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Keyword Tracking

  • Not Provided Report
  • Daily Keyword Rankings
  • Historical Keyword Rankings
  • Import Existing Keyword Data
  • International Tracking
  • Track Google & Bing Rankings
  • Export Data as CSV or PDF

Traffic & Analytics

  • Visualize Traffic by Source
  • Visualize Visits vs Conversions
  • Organic Traffic Report
  • Paid Traffic Report
  • Social Traffic Report
  • Referral Traffic Report
  • Other/Direct Traffic Report

Campaign Management

  • Add Project Notes & Milestones
  • Create New Reports In Seconds
  • Give Clients Private Access
  • New Report Data Updates Instantly
  • Access Reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Impress With Branded Reports
  • Exclusive Agency Sales Content

Dashboard Features

  • Unlimited Reports
  • 100% Whitelabel Dashboard
  • Amazing Support Staff
  • Export PDF Reports Instantly
  • Instant CSV Exporting
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • Mobile Friendly Design
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