Rank Tracking

What search engines do you support?

We accurately track rankings for both Google and Bing with support for 34 countries and 15 languages.

Do you track international results?

Yes! Unlike most rank tracking systems, we have the technology to track results in 34 countries and 15 languages! View the full list here.

How often is data updated?

We pull fresh keyword ranking data every day at midnight MST.

How many keywords can I track?

This depends on your plan. With our standard plan you can track 550 keywords, with our pro plan you can track up to 1,000 keywords and with our elite plan you can track up to 2,500 keywords! Check out our pricing page for a full comparison.

Can I track historical changes?

You sure can. This is one of the features we’re most proud of. Our historical keyword tracker allows you to easily visualize the effectiveness of your keywords over time. You can compare by monthly, weekly, or on a daily basis for both Google and Bing. Check the screenshots here.

Can I import ranking history?

We understand it’s a daunting task switching from another software, that’s why we’ve made it easy to import any historical data you have. Just upload a .csv and you’re done! Our awesome support staff will even import your data for you if you need help.

Traffic Reports

How do you track website traffic?

We pull in traffic data through Google Analytics and segment it out by traffic source. Just connect your Google Analytics account and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Do you track organic traffic?

Our organic search traffic report breaks down visits, pageviews, and conversions by search engine visits. We also dive into not provided data by digging into what keywords and landing pages are driving the most traffic.

Do you track paid traffic?

We recently just launched our paid traffic report, and it’s amazing. Currently we are only tracking Google AdWords campaigns, but we do have plans to integrate more ad networks in the future. Just connect your AdWords account to your Analytics account and we’ll automatically pull in your data and build a beautiful paid traffic report that your clients will understand.

Do you track social media traffic?

Our social media traffic report helps you visualize website traffic and activity by social network and highlights your most socially shared content.

What about goal conversions and sales?

Traffic numbers are meaningless if you can’t tie them to sales or conversions. If you have goal tracking or ecommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics we’ll segment them out by traffic source so you can easily see your hard work paying off.

Reporting & Email Notifications

Can I customize my reports?

Heck yeah! We built Agency Metrics with the main goal of providing marketers with customizable whitelabel marketing reports. You can customize the logo, font colors, chart types, and more! Take a look at all of our whitelabel features here.

Can I share reports with clients?

You can either download branded PDF reports to share with clients, or with our Elite plan you can give clients direct access to their own private, branded dashboard! Pretty cool huh?

What type of report formats can I export?

You can download reports in both PDF and CSV formats, you can also schedule automated email reports to be delivered directly to your inbox. Whatever format you choose, it’ll have your logo and branding on it.

Billing & Subscriptions

Is there a contract?

Nope. All of our plans are on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Nope! Sign up risk free and enjoy your 30-day trial on the house. When your trial is up, you can choose to keep using us, or cancel your account.

Can I change my plan down the road?

Changing plans is really easy. You can downgrade or upgrade at anytime by going to the “subscription settings” tab in your dashboard.

What happens if I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time with no future obligation! We’ll keep your account open for 5 days after you cancel so you can download any of your data, or change your mind.


Can I access Agency Metrics through a phone or tablet?

Our web app is 100% functional on both mobile phones and tablets, log in anywhere from any device to access your reports.

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