January 30, 2014

Today we’re very excited to announce the newly re-designed Agency Metrics dashboard. We set out to make reporting not only as straight forward and simple as possible, but great looking as well. There was nothing really wrong with our old design, we simply wanted to update the interface to current design standards and simplify some of the content sections, making it easier to digest your reports.

One of the key features of our dashboard and reports is the branding flexibility that we give you, creating a template to match your brand guidelines is simple. With the old design only certain color combinations looked good, our new version was designed specifically with this in mind. We are very confident that your dashboard and reports will look badass no matter what color combination you throw at it. Just check out some of our sample dashboards below.

Example SEO Reports

Future Design Upgrades

Though the new design at this point is purely for aesthetics, we are planning to integrate more new features into the interface. In the coming weeks you can expect us to integrate:

  • Drag and drop user interface for even more customization.
  • Different chart views. Don’t like line graphs? Switch up the default view to a graph of your choice.
  • A variation of font choices. You’ll soon be able to customize header and body fonts, including size and color!

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