February 18, 2016

Agency Dashboard for SEO

It’s a great day at Agency Metrics, because we get to show off our latest feature. We just launched our Agency Dashboard report for all Pro and Elite subscribers, including trial users!

So, What Is It?!

To sum it up: the Agency Dashboard report pulls in your KPI’s from each of your client reports into one slimmed down snapshot view. You no longer need to dive into individual reports to check the pulse on all of your campaigns.

The best part about this new report is the clarity that you’ll take away from it each and every time you look at it. You’ll be able to quickly identify clients or projects that are kicking ass vs those that are in need of some extra attention.

To start using the Agency Dashboard, just simply log into your account and click Report Overview.

Showcasing Current Performance and Trends

It’s one thing to know what your KPI’s look like today, but how are they trending? Is that needle moving up or down? The new Agency Dashboard not only allows you to see up-to-date keyword ranking, traffic, and conversion data, but it also compiles your historical data to show how your campaigns have moved over the past 30 days.

Keyword Performance and Trends

Marketing Dashboard for Agencies

On the Keyword Performance tab you’ll get to see a breakdown of keyword stats based on the number of keywords in the Top 3, Top 10, and on Page 2, Page 3-5, and Page 6+ per client report. The data of course is pulled fresh each day from our rank tracker, allowing you to track daily keyword movement by hovering over each report in the table.

Keyword Ranking Trend Report

Below the performance table, we can also look at keyword trends as a whole unit. This tallies up all of your keywords for all of your clients to help you easily measure your SEO performance across the board.

Analytics Performance and Trends

Similar to the Keyword Performance tab, the Traffic Performance tab aggregates and segments all traffic and conversion data from each of your campaigns for an overall performance view from the past 30 days. You can easily see the +/- movement by hovering over each report.

Marketing Traffic Trend Report

Below the traffic performance table, we also have a traffic trend graph. The totals from the Traffic Performance Table are displayed in graph form showcasing your overall performance from the previous 30 days. This is the perfect report to check to see if you’ve been effected by any recent algorithm updates across the board.

Future Enhancements

As cool as this report is now, we think it can be even cooler! We’re planning on upgrading this report to include a prediction graph that’s based on your overall past performance and trends. Make sure you subscribe to our updates so you don’t miss out on that launch!

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