January 18, 2016


Analytics can make a huge difference in the overall success or failure of a site or an online presence. That being said, knowing a few tips to help get your analytics off the ground is just one smart way to get ahead of the curve. Here are seven tips that can help you better use the analytics that are collected on your site.

1. Setting Goals and Goal Values

This is one important step that can make a huge difference. Setting your goals can do a great deal for your conversion reports and are required for you to be able to access these reports. Setting up goals makes for a much greater potential of optimization for your site. You can also report, analyze and optimize numbers that stand out in each department. Lastly, you can also use these goals to create a strategy that will help with both macro and micro goals.

2. Use your Annotations

Annotations can help make sense of the jumble of information that you are going to be given at any time. Annotations can help you answer both simple and complex questions which makes for a much faster reading of your reports.

Annotations can show you spikes, drops, anomalies, and strange occurrences that may need your immediate attention. Say for instance you experience a spike in your visits on a particular day, this can help you figure out what is going on and fix any issues.

3. Intelligence Events Can Help

These events can help you in the long and short term for a great deal of issues. For starters, this can help you identify unknowns in your data. With these events, you can set emails to be sent when issues pop up, when things happen, that can help you get access quickly to see what is happening with your site. This can help you resolve issues quickly and get your site back up and running correctly. You can create alerts like traffic level, macro conversion level, and macro conversion rate level.

4. Custom Segments

It may seem like a silly step but customizing your reports can make a huge difference. First off you can set parameters like paid searches, organic searches, affiliate programs, email, direct, and more. This allows you to see where your site needs improvement. Essentially it points out the flaws that may be present and offers you a chance to fix them quickly so that you can get the content back up and running quickly.

5. Automated Google Analytics and Campaign Tracking

Tracking campaigns can make a huge difference in your overall success. By default Google will check three venues, direct traffic, referral traffic, and organic traffic. These will help you determine where your visitors are coming from and how successful your campaigns are overall. Showing administrators where visitors are coming from can have a huge impact on how successful campaigns are and can help you to determine if your campaigns are working correctly or not.

6. Automated Reporting

This can help take a great deal of guesswork out of your analytics. This will cut down on time and effort that is usually needed to gather reports. Instead of having to set your report parameters and manually run reports, you can set up a schedule that will automatically allow for your reports to be made so that you can get the right information when you need it sooner. This also helps you to export data quickly which means you can get back on track faster.

7. Pre-Built Dashboards for Ideas

You can also gain a great deal of intel and ideas from those dashboards that are already built. This will allow you to get ideas about what should be added in your dashboard and what is going to be helpful in the long and short terms. You can always use the dashboards that are already made but if you prefer to work with programs like Excel, Klipfolio, or Tableau, you may need a bit more flexibility. You can always see what they suggest be added to a dashboard to get ideas about what should be included in your own dashboard for optimal use and usefulness.

Google AdWords and Google reporting tools can help to create reports that can result in the full optimization of your site and make a huge difference in your overall success. Google does offer some measure of guidance if you just know where to start and what analytics tips to use.

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